Liberal Brownshirt break windows in DC

Washington Examiner:
An Inauguration Day standoff in D.C. between police and anarchist protesters resulted in dozens of arrests, at least one person removed by ambulance and police officers pepper-spraying people to disperse the crowd.

The protesters smashed windows at a bus stop and businesses in the downtown area before congregating in mass in front of the American Health Care Association building on L Street Northwest. Police surrounded a group of about 100 protesters and began arresting them one by one.

D.C. police said they have arrested more than 90 people at the protest.

For hours, more and more people gathered outside the line of police blocking the area, chanting and yelling at police. The protest ended in chaos as pink smoke filled the air and police began spraying protesters with pepper spray. Loud bangs were heard in the area.

Protests spread throughout downtown Washington on Friday afternoon, one day ahead of a march expected to bring hundreds of thousands of people to the area. Police were attempting to keep the protests away from the inaugural parade route down Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks away from the White House.
While liberal reporters were comparing Trump to Hitler, the real fascists were in the streets of Washington throwing a tantrum because their candidate did not win.  Liberal fascism is a bigger threat to the country than a Trump administration.


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