How did the media get the Trump dossier?

Fox News:
Trump sticks knife into dossier story, won't let intel community off hook
My reading of the reports on the dossier suggests that many in the media had been provided copies of it well before the intel briefing to Trump and Obama.  They did not write about it because they could not confirm the material.   This suggests to me that they were distributed by someone close to the Clinton campaign's dirty tricks operations.

However, someone had to tell CNN that the matter had been briefed to Trump and Obama.  That could have only been someone from the intel community or from the White House.  They were the only ones, other than Trump, who were aware of the briefing, and the briefing was the hook CNN used to excuse its reporting of the story.

It could have been from either of those two groups, but I am leaning toward someone in the Obama administration doing the dirty work.  It is typical of their Chicago Way politics.


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