Germans ready to ban the Burka?

Daily Mail:

Only a quarter of Americans want the full body and face veil outlawed, according to international research carried out by Britain-based YouGov.
I do not think there is a religious requirement for a Burka.  I suspect it is more cultural and stems from the poor impulse control of Muslim men in certain cultures.

I was recently at the Texas Medical Center getting some testing done when I saw several women wearing hijabs.  

At least a couple of them wearing black hijabs and fancy diamond rings and they had something on their head and face that at first I thought might be a medical device.  It turned out to be a decoration of sorts.  It involved a narrow headband with a stiff wire coming down over their nose attached to a black piece that looked like a Snidely Whiplash mustache.  It certainly made them stand out in a crowd.

As for the poll, apparently, Americans are more tolerant of people wearing funny clothes.


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