France out of touch with history of Jerusalem

Washington Post:
France urges Trump not to move U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The French foreign minister kicked off a Middle East peace conference by warning that such an action would have “extremely serious consequences” for the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.
This argument gives too much credence to the Muslim's bogus claims of ownership of the capitol of the Jews for thousands of years.  It has never been the capital of any Muslim state.  The mosque they built on the Temple Mount was done in an attempt to wipe out the Jewish religion and their argument for it is farcical.

France and the West need to stop pandering to the Palestinian fantasy of a claim to Jerusalem.  There is no history to justify such a claim.  I would add that the Arab states who also push such a farcical claim are just acting on their own ethnic and religious bigotry.  They have never forgiven the Jews for rejecting Islam.  France should consider that that is one of the reasons why it is also under assault by radical Islam and pushing the Jews out of Jerusalem will do nothing to stop it.

Radical Islam is at war with anyone who rejects its weird religious beliefs.  That is why Europe is under assault again as it was when Islamic armies tried to capture and enslave it before.


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