Border residents on the front line of the invasion of dope dealers and illegals

Fox News:
Pamela Taylor thought she was living the American dream when she and her husband bought a two-acre plot of land near the Texas border in Brownsville seven decades ago.

She would never have predicted her one-story brick home, surrounded by bright pink bougainvillea bushes and mesquite trees, would become a makeshift crash pad and hideout for border crossers, drug smugglers and human traffickers.

“It’s a way of life now,” Taylor told “They come every day.”

Taylor, whose property is on the front line of the border battle, says illegal immigrants have been using her land to sneak into the U.S. for years. One day, the 90-year-old grandmother recalled, she even walked into her living room to find a border crosser trying to evade capture.

“He had come into my house and was just sitting in my rocking chair watching Border Patrol go by,” she said. “It was terrifying.”
Another time, drug dealers stashed 30 pounds of marijuana under her bougainvillea bush.

Taylor is not alone. On a recent tour of border towns in south Texas, spoke with residents like Taylor as well as business owners and local law enforcement about the daily fears people face as they live and work in what amounts to disputed territory.
Many describe a deteriorating situation where illegal immigration is on the rise but few can do anything about it for fear of retaliation by cartels, human traffickers and even some authorities.

“It’s hard to know who to trust,” Taylor said. She added that while she has a “good rapport” with local law enforcement on the ground, “It’s the ones who sit in the office … they don’t care about us.”
It is pretty clear that the people who are supposed to be protecting them in the Obama administration do not care.  They are more concerned about turning the illegals into Democrat voters.  A border wall would be a good start for those who are being overwhelmed by the invasion.


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