The administrations inconsistent position on the "rigging" of the election

Erick Erickson:
I find it increasingly hard to believe this administration on the Russia story. Just before the election the administration was adamant that the elections were not being rigged and it was un-American to suggest such a thing. But now that Hillary Clinton has lost, suddenly the administration has a high degree of confidence the Russians were involved.

And most of the people willing to talk on record opposed Trump to begin with.

Hmmmmm . . .

Notice that there is no evidence that the Russians hacked computers to change election results. The only thing that got hacked were email system and the DNC. And considering how much of the media downplayed the story except media outlets already hostile to Hillary, I have a hard time believing those emails persuaded anybody.
There is more.

There is more evidence that Democrats cheated than that Russia rigged the election machine.  When a significant portion of Detroit precincts  that voted heavily for Hillary reported more votes cast than were registered to vote, that sounds like someone else was trying to rig the outcome.


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