Radical Islam's hair fetish

NY Times:

Under ISIS Dress Code, Even Women’s Eyes Were Erased

Escapees from the Iraqi city of Mosul describe the Islamic State’s extreme dress code, which made showing so much as an eyebrow an offense punishable by the whip.
There is a tendency among many Islamist to view hair like those in the west do pubic hair.  It is something to be covered.   The Iranians demand that women wear head scarfs to prevent their hair from putting out sex rays.

The ISIL requirement is not dissimilar to that of the Taliban which requires mesh garments to cover the eyes of women.  Some of this is a result of Muslim men acting as if they have no control over their libido when they see women's hair.  It could be the reason so many of them have engaged in rape upon immigrating to Europe.

The women are required to hide their hair to show the male dominance and to protect them from the many pervert Muslim men.


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