Podesta and the DNC were hacked, not the election

NY Times:

Trump Praises Revelations from Hacking of Democrats

The president-elect took to Twitter to play down the significance of Russian election meddling, and he seemed to approve of one of the cyberattacks.
There were revelations that showed how the Democrats rigged the system to defeat Sanders including feeding Clinton debate questions beforehand.  I would not say that any of the revelations were decisive in the outcome of the election.

In fact, there is no polling to support such a conclusion.  What the polls show is that Clinton's calling Trump supporters irredeemable deplorables hurt her more than any other thang that happened in the campaign.

The results was a decisive turn by the undecideds away from Clinton.  It was her own failure to campaign in the rust belt states that went for Trump that hurt her more than reading Podesta's mail did.


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