Democrats new message ignores the cause of economic problems

NY Times:

Democrats Hone a New Message: It’s the Economy, Everyone

As the Democratic Party rebuilds after the election, the emerging strategy is to focus on economic fairness, but not revise stances on other issues.
I question their commitment to economic fairness.  Their environmental policies and their energy policies have cost the economy and put thousands out of work.

Their minimum wage push is unfair to minority youth looking for an entry level job.

Every time they have raised the minimum wage the black teen employment rate takes a hit.  Before there was a minimum wage, that group's unemployment rate was at or below that of other groups.  Since then it gets worse every time they raise and they don't care.  They are playing to the labor unions who use the new rate to demand higher wages.  They do not care about fairness for the black young people.

They do not care about the coal miners they have put out of work.  They do not care that regulations impose a cost on productivity making US companies less competitive.


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