Behind the assumptions of a Russian hack of the political parties

NY Times:

U.S. Agencies Believe Russia Hacked G.O.P. but Kept Data

  • U.S. intelligence agencies found that Russia hacked the Republican National Committee’s computer systems but did not release the information, officials said.
  • Partly because of that finding, they are said to have “high confidence” Russia was acting covertly to help Donald J. Trump in the election.
I do not find this persuasive.  It is also possible that the Republican material that may have been hacked just was not that interesting.  But if it is true that both parties were hacked by the Russians, what does that say about the lousy defense from cyber attacks that exist under the Obama administration.  If they have done anything at all to stop these hacks, it is not apparent.

Until they lost an election the Democrats in charge of the government seem rather blase about the cyber attacks.  The Democrats in the media, in the meantime, downplayed the Wikileaks revelations and acted as if they were not important or significant.  Why are they now acting if the opposite was the case?

I think they had virtually no relevance to the white working class voters who turned against the Democrats because their policies were failing them.  Hillary Clinton largely ignored them during the election the way the Obama administration has done for eight years.


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