Opposition to Bannon appointment seems extreme

Washington Post:
Critics say appointment of former head of Breitbart News will empower white nationalists

President-elect Donald Trump named campaign chairman Stephen Bannon as chief strategist at the White House. A chorus of advocacy groups, commentators and congressional Democrats denounced Bannon as a proponent of racist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic views.
While I have certainly not read everything on Breitbart, what I have read has nothing to do with white nationalists.  It tends to be a criticism of liberalism as practiced by the Democrats.  You can find stories that explain how the refusal of Democrat to enforce immigration laws has harmed people in this country, but to call that white nationalism is absurd.  It can be argued that those hardest hit are poor blacks who have lost jobs to illegal immigrants.

I suspect the "advocacy groups" are more in the liberal fascist camp than in mainstream America.

During Bannon's tenure with the Trump campaign, Trump openly advocated for helping the black community.  That does not seem like someone who is a white nationalist.  He brought coherence and discipline to the Trump message and that may be what really scares liberals who look down on working class voters who supported Trump.


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