It would be hard to make things much worse in the Middle East

Washington Post:
Trump administration could upend the Middle East

President-elect Donald Trump’s comments on the campaign trail suggested he would seek a recalibration of the existing order in the region — in favor of Russia, away from Shiite Iran and to the benefit of the Sunni gulf states and Turkey.
This is where Obama made some of his biggest screw ups and it will be hard to make it much worse.  His embrace of the genocidal religious bigots who rule Iran has roiled the region as much as his ill-advised retreat from Iraq gave ISIL an opening.  Obama's handling of the Syria situation gave the Russians an opening that they are currently exploiting.

It will be difficult to get them out now, and they will probably strengthen their naval presence in Syria.  Putin is also a problem in Eastern Europe and especially in Ukraine where this hybrid war aggression is taking place.

I really don't think Trump will be able to do much about it at this point, but hopefully, he will force the NATO countries to increase their defense spending so that they can be realistic allies against Russian threats.

In the Middle East, Iran is a problem that is as bad as the Sunni terrorist threat.  Reimposing sanctions on Iran should be a priority as well as crushing al Qaeda and ISIL.


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