ISIL mass murder attack against Israeli soccer team thwarted by Albania officials

Kosovo police say they thwarted an ISIS attack plot against Israel's national soccer team and other targets.

The ringleaders behind the planned attacks were members of ISIS in Syria, police said.

According to police, the plot involved synchronized terror attacks in Kosovo and the Balkans, one targeting Israel's national soccer team and fans during the Albania vs. Israel match on November 12.

Days before the match, officials announced it would be held at a new location -- a stadium in Elbasan, Albania -- for "security reasons."

In a statement Thursday, police said they had arrested 19 people believed to be planning the attacks.

The arrests were made between November 4 and November 15, a police spokesman said.

Authorities said they also seized weapons, explosives and extremist religious materials during various raids tied to the alleged plot.
All but one of those arrested were from Kosovo, the exception being from Macedonia.  The were all very likely Islamic ethnic and religious bigots.  The Israeli government was mum on the arrests, but I would not be surprised if Israeli intelligence "assisted in the takedown of the perps.


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