Why isn't the Times as interested in Wikileaks revelations as it is Trump's sex life?

NY Times:
Mr. Trump, his advisers and many supporters are seizing on emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that WikiLeaks has been publishing.
If you do a Google search of "Why Clanton and Trump suck as candidates" you will find one of my earlier posts.  What I find interesting about the media treatment of the Wikileaks revelations is their lack of interests.  I think it is because it does not advance their anti-Trump narrative and its hurts Clinton to show how deceitful she has been.

The media seems to have a great interest in Trump's past sex life and little interests in the actual corruption of Hillary Clinton.  When books get written about this campaign and the media treatment of it, their excuse making for one flawed candidate while attacking another for flaws having little to do with corruption will be a long chapter.

The WikiLeaks material gives a behind the scenes look at what a candidate and her supporters really think about voters.  It also shows the deceit with which they operate.  That is relevant to people's decision on who to vote for, and I would be willing to bet if the leaks were about a Republican campaign the Times would be all over it.


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