Why did Verizon pick a socialist wanta be for its spokesman?

Red States:
Verizon’s Celeb Spokesman Wants To Crush Capitalism

Jamie Foxx has joined Sean Penn and Danny Glover on the list of filthy rich celebrities who have thrown their star power behind Venezuela's unpopular leader Nicolas Maduro.
Jamie Foxx cannot be very smart if he backs the horrific socialist regime in Venezuela.  And, whoever was responsible for picking him to represent their company either made a serious mistake or they are just as loopy about socialism as he is.  As a Verizon customer, I am very disappointed in this move.

If he thinks socialism is that great, she should move to Venezuela and stand in line for food and toilet paper in the event it is even available.


  1. Because he's a spokesman for the AAA (Affirmative Action Administration) and he thinks Maduro is a cool commie. Maybe Verizon is trying to open a Venezuelan phone market.


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