White House was in on the Clinton email cover up?

Washington Examiner:
Newly revealed State Department emails from last spring show the agency worked with officials at the White House to push back on stories about Hillary Clinton's email server.

Jen Psaki, a former State Department spokesperson who went on to serve as White House communications director, called the email controversy a "swirl of crap."

The 17 pages of records, obtained by the Republican National Committee through one of several Freedom of Information Act lawsuits, sheds light on the administration's careful management of a controversy that threatened to eclipse Clinton's entry into the presidential race last year.

In one exchange from March 2015, White House and State Department staff discussed an effort to prevent John Kerry from facing questions about Clinton's emails in an upcoming interview on an CBS' Face the Nation.
In another, Patrick Kennedy and Heather Samuelson, a Clinton aide who received immunity during the FBI investigation into her emails, complained about a "wildly inaccurate" Politico story that suggested, in May 2015, that Clinton had done the "wrong thing" by operating a private server.

The Politico story in question simply quoted what a State Department representative had said during a Senate hearing. The agency's inspector general later confirmed that Clinton's email practices violated State Department record-keeping practices.
And the Clinton Foundation's pay to play scandal is also revealed in other emails.
A new batch of emails from Hillary Clinton's time at the State Department offered fresh evidence Wednesday of the pains Clinton's staff took to accommodate her husband's paid speeches and her family's foundation — just hours after Sen. Tim Kaine dismissed the possibility that the Clinton Foundation had wielded influence over his running mate.

Emails showed Clinton's aides teamed up with the foundation to perform donor maintenance, craft messaging on key policies and put together guest lists for both diplomatic and philanthropic events. State Department staffers were often asked to advise Clinton's husband on how to handle politically-fraught speaking engagements or foundation events, such as an effort to bring the new Libyan president to a Clinton Global Initiative meeting that was held less than two weeks after the 2012 Benghazi attacks.
This is very likely what she was trying to hide when she destroyed several emails.  I don't think she is honest or trustworthy.  It looks like about half this country is willing to elect a known liar and a crook.  That probably also tells you something about how terrible a candidate Trump is too.  The White House coordination also suggest that the fix was in on her mishandling of classified materials.


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