Venezuela is proof that socialism sucks

US News:
The force that is driving Venezuela into the ground is socialism.
In the midst of this chaos, I see people in the United States – most of whom have never known a life outside of the abundance available to them as a result of our market economy – gravitating toward socialism like it's some natural force for good. As reported in these pages, a recent survey shows that nearly 60 percent of 18 to 26 year-olds believe socialism is the "most compassionate system."

But socialism is not compassionate. Whether a socialist government owns the means of production via nationalized industries, or enforces central planning via price controls and stringent regulatory structures, socialism operates under the assumption that an insulated leader and his legion of bureaucrats are the best judges of what people are worth.

Socialism assumes that government officials are more qualified than individuals to decide how much a person should earn, which products and services are necessary for that person to live and how much that person should have to pay for them. The government makes all of these decisions and more, but only after taking a huge piece of the pie for itself, leaving the remainder to ration among the majority who don't have political connections.

Socialism deprives individual choice and crushes ambition in pursuit of a uniform, unfulfilling and arbitrary definition of "equality." And it does all of this in the name of "the greater good."

But as we can see, absent individuals' motivation and the productivity necessary to sustain it, that standard of equality deteriorates until there are no resources left to redistribute.
There is much more of this first hand account of what life is like under socialism.  Those in this country who support socialism are misinformed and uneducated.  In fact, it is a massive failure of the US education system that anyone supports this mess.


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