Trump says his accusers are not his style and his followers believe him

NY Times:

Trump Assails His Accusers as Liars, and Unattractive

  • In North Carolina, Donald J. Trump dismissed as “total fiction” the accounts of a growing number of women who say he made unwanted sexual advances toward them.
  • “Believe me, she would not be my first choice,” Mr. Trump said of one of the women.

Trump's followers on social media have found what they believe are holes in the accusers' stories  and some of them do sound improbable.  They are the kind of story that seems more consistent with Bill Clinton's behavior and in fact, Trump's supporters have been circulating what appears to be photos of Clinton groping a flight attendant during his '92 campaign.

The important point is that the stories have not shaken his real supporters although they have given his opponents room for gloating over his troubles.


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