Trump says he will sue NY Times over latest story about sex

Washington Examiner:
Donald Trump's campaign was drafting a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times late Wednesday night, hours after the news organization published a story in which two women accused the Republican presidential nominee of sexual assault, sources confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

Within hours of threatening to take legal action against the major publication for launching a "completely false, coordinated character assassination against" him, Trump had requested that his attorneys draft a major lawsuit against the Times.

"This is war," said one campaign insider with knowledge of the situation. The same source accused the Times and other mainstream media outlets of "working hand in hand" with Hillary Clinton's campaign to sabotage Trump in the final month before the election.

"We're coming at them strong and everybody better have a good lawyer," the source said.

Trump and senior aides on his campaign have forcefully denied that there is any truth to allegations published by the Times on Wednesday evening. The two women featured in the report, Jessica Leeds and Rachel Cook, claimed that Trump made unwanted sexual advances on them on separate occasions.
As Democrats used to say about Bill Clinton, "It's just about sex., What is the big deal?"

The NY Times will probably rely on the Supreme court case of NY Times, v. Sullivan which held that even mistaken reporting that is done in good faith cannot be the subject of a defamation case.   Trump would have to prove that the paper knew the story was false in order to recover from the Times.

However, the women making the charges are also likely to be sued if he brings a case and they would probably have to prove that what they said was true, in what may be a "she said, he said" type of case.


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