Trump counter attacks worry some in GOP

Washington Post:
Trump’s scattered, off-message attacks ‘a nightmare’ for GOP

Interviews with more than two dozen Republican officials show they are unnerved by Donald Trump’s erratic attack on a Latina beauty queen and other outbursts, and they are increasingly fearful that he is damaging his White House bid and doing lasting damage to the party.
Trump has pretty clearly shown that he has been able to get this far by ignoring the conventional wisdom.  While I am not a Trump fan, these kinds of outbursts have done little to harm his chances in the past although he does seem to do better when staying on message.  That is why his attacks on Hillary Clinton's treatment of women is probably going to resonate with voters predisposed to not like her.

That has been her biggest problem this year and she certainly invited the attacks by hitting Trump for his statements about a Miss Universe who failed to live up to her obligation to look like Miss Universe when she gained a lot of weight.  The smart play for Trump is to keep the focus on Clinton and her name calling of women and ignore "Miss Piggy."

For those who see Hillary Clinton as a modern day, Lady MacBeth, the attacks will resonate.  Over half the country already does not like and this may give them another reason to reinforce that dislike.


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