Trump continues to test revulsion of electorate to Hillary Clinton

NY Times:

Nominee Vows to Press On Despite Criticism Over Video

  • More Republican leaders called for Donald J. Trump, who was caught on tape in 2005 bragging about groping women, to leave the ticket.
  • In an extraordinary statement from a running mate, Mike Pence indicated that he still supported Mr. Trump, but that he was highly displeased.
  • But there were no signs that Mr. Trump might heed the mounting calls for him to stand down.

As much as many Republicans dislike Trump and his raunchy vulgarism, they see Hillary Clinton as a threat to the country's survival and they will continue to oppose her no matter what NBC pulls from its "Apprentice" archives.  To them, her corruption and embrace of the evils of liberalism are enough to swallow the crap sandwich that comes with Trump.

Trump is too much like Bill Clinton for some, while others say Clinton's conduct is actually worse than Trump's.  That is setting a rather low bar, but that is what they are left with.

Trump supporters are too angry with the Democrats and their attempts to destroy the country to vote for Hillary Clinton.  They will also be angry with establishment Republicans if they see them abandoned a very flawed nominee.

For those of us who never supported Trump, he is just who we thought he was.  As bad as he is, he is not working with George Soros to ruin the country.


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