Trump and his supporters are delegitimizing any Clinton win

NY Times Editorial:

Donald Trump’s Scary Election Day Gambit

His warning of a stolen election sounds like an invitation to harass and intimidate minority voters.
The Times is always looking for a rebirth of Jim Crow to blame on its opponents.

But if they paid attention during the primaries, every election that Trump was defeated in was treated as illegitimate.  From Iowa to Colorado and in between, if he did not win it was because of a "rigged system."  His followers bought into this argument and used it against Ted Cruz in other races.

What they should really be worried about is that it is the beginning of the delegitimization of any Hillary Clinton win which will make it more difficult for her to govern.  She is going to have a hard enough time governing because of her mishandling of classified material and her corrupt use of her office to enrich herself and her husband.  That is an issue the Times does not find as interesting as they do Mr. Trump's sex life.

Update:  Shortly after this post was filed the editorial was pulled off the home page and this story was placed on the home page:

Trump, Slipping in Polls, Warns of ‘Stolen Election’

Mr. Trump’s claims highlight concerns that he may not accept a Clinton victory, potentially undermining the legitimacy of the democratic process.
Perhaps I struck a chord.   But if they are really interested in legitimacy of the election they will also focus more on the Clinton Foundation corruption and her mishandling of classified materials.


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