Too bad the media is not as interested in running down Hillary Clinton's missing emails

Washington Post:
Trump has been on tape countless times. The hunt is on to track it all down.

In the wake of the leak of Trump's 2005 crude comments about women, the question is: Are there more? Since he's lived much of his adult life in front of microphones, the likely answer is yes.
It has always been considered the media's job to find embarrassing things Republicans might have said in the past while discounting gaffes made by Democrats.   But the Hillary Clinton missing emails are something more than a hunt for gaffes.  It is likely that they contain evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government that go beyond a "pay for play" scheme.

That is a much more important consideration in the choice for President than some embarrassing statement made by a private citizen when he was not running for office.  The media has seemed to have lost all perspective with its anti-Trump agenda.

While it should be clear that I am not a fan of Trump, I am also not a supporter of Hillary Clinton.  I would like to see more fairness in the media.  If they don't think their candidate can win a fair race, what does it say about their own morality?


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