The media's unethical conduct used to manipulate the election

Joe Cunningham:
The Disgusting Media Sat On Sexual Assault For A Partisan Victory

It is one thing, however, to have a lean in coverage one way or the other. It is another to work in tandem with a campaign to manipulate what people see and respond to. This was the case when the Clinton campaign asked journalists to withhold critical coverage of Donald Trump, and give him as much coverage as possible to raise his profile. They worked to handpick Clinton’s opponent. If you talk to them now, they are horrified that Donald Trump is the candidate.

None of the stories that horrify them now are new. They are years old. Decades, even. It is mind-blowing that no one decided to drop any of this before now. Unless, of course, you believe the idea that they sat on it in order to destroy him in the general. What’s more, that they did so at the request of the Clinton campaign. It is not only plausible, it is in fact the most likely scenario. It’s not like the journalists just sat on their hands for a year before dropping all this. A little research, a few phone calls, and all of this information would have been out there much sooner. But, that didn’t help the agenda.
That is what it looks like and the Wikileaks releases appear to confirm it.  There was a conspiracy of silence during the GOP primaries in order to give the Democrats a candidate they could destroy.  Ted Cruz warned about it on several occasions.

I think it should be noted that whoever was chosen by the GOP would have to undergo the quadrillion media and Democrat smear campaign just as Romney and McCain did.   It tells you how much the Democrats and the media resist running on their record and the issues.


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