The guy behind sending agitators to Trump events visited White House 342 times

Rush Limbaugh:
You know what? This Robert Creamer guy that Scott Foval -- we played the videotape from the videos from James O'Keefe yesterday, and this Scott Foval with direct contact to the Hillary campaign reporting to this guy Creamer, who also had direct access to the Hillary campaign, he's the husband of Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. He is the architect. He was the guru. He was the guy that all of these underlings looked to for inspiration.

It turns out that this guy who oversaw the Trump rally agitators visited the White House 342 times and had something like 47 person-to-person meetings with Obama. But it's just coincidence, you see. Oh, yes. Creamer, by the way, has now resigned his position as Foval has been fired from his position. But they're just gonna be lateral moved someplace. They don't get fired. They actually get bonuses and awards and accolades, like Dan Rather did for trying the fake story on the National Guard against George W. Bush.
The FBI should open an investigation of this conduct.  This is a test to see just how corrupt the Obama Justice Department has become.

Update:  Ted Cruz has called for a criminal investigation including the visits with the President.


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