The answer is that they do not like Democrats

Gail Collins:
How Could Anyone Vote for Trump?
The Trump voters are really disgusted with Democrats and feel like it is a party out to destroy the country.  How could Collin and the NY Times miss that?

While I do not like him and think there were several in the GOP field who would be better as President, I also believe that Hillary Clinton would be a terrible President.

Liberals think she is smart because she is a liberal.  She is not intelligent as her answer about the Great Recession in the debate demonstrated.  Anyone who seriously thinks the housing crisis was caused by tax cuts is just not smart.  It was caused by her husband's housing policies and banking policies which led to mortgages for many who were not qualified and their defaults had a cascading effect on the market.

Her policy proposal on immigration is absurd.  It has no limiting principle.  She would open the doors of the US to two billion people who simply decided they wanted to come and get on benefits.  That is the opposite of smart.

How could anyone vote for Hillary Clinton?


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