Tax nonsense from the media

Washington Post:
Americans don’t mind paying taxes. But they want Trump to, also.
This is absurd.  Even marginally profitable companies struggle to pay taxes.  Those who "don't mind" are usually employees who have their taxes withheld as a way to cushion the blow from the payment.  They don't realize how they are being screwed.

I suspect that Trump is paying all the taxes he is supposed to pay.  We have not gotten to the point where the IRS is collecting taxes on losses as well as profits.  Catastrophic losses result in tax loss carry forwards to deduct from future profits.  There is absolutely nothing unfair about that, and in fact, it would be unfair to treat it otherwise.

My experience is that if you run a small business, you despise the tax code and the resulting payments.  There is absolutely nothing un-American about minimizing your taxes to the extent the law allows.  Only a liberal who has never run a business would think otherwise.


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