Russians in battle with Nork 'fishing boat'

One person has been killed and eight others injured after Russian border guards opened fire on the crew of a North Korean fishing vessel.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed the vessel, trawler Dae Yong No. 10, was encroaching in Russian waters in the Sea of Japan on Saturday.

During a search of the vessel, the FSB guards found "illegally obtained aquatic bio-resources" on board, a statement said.

The fishing crew then became aggressive, the FSB alleged, and the ship attempted to flee while it’s the crew tried to wrest weapons from the Russian guards.

A Russian coast guard ship fired at the trawler's propulsion system, disabling it, and on the North Korean crewmen.
 Is the term "aquatic bio-resources"  Russian for fish?

I suspect the crew of the boat fought mainly because they feared what would happen once they got back to North Korea and had to explain why they did not have any "aquatic bio-resources."


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