Ridiculous story of the day

NY Times:

Trump’s Bluster Erodes Democracy, Experts Say

His claim that he’d jail Hillary Clinton was “a threat to the rule of law,” one political scientist said.
Trump is a man of many faults, but this is not one of them.  Where was the story about the threat to the rule of law when Democrats attempted political prosecutions of Rick Perry, Tom Delay, or Kay Bailey Hutchison?  Where was this assertion when the infamous "John Doe" prosecutions were pushed against opponents of liberals in Wisconsin?

In the case of Clinton, it would be appropriate to appoint a special prosecutor as Trump suggested to determine whether she should be prosecuted for her obvious mishandling of classified materials.  Why should she get away with something that would get a corporal in the military brig time?

She is really not that special.

BTW, would you like to bet on whether the "expert" is a Democrat?


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