Pence nails the email case against Clinton

Washington Examiner:
Mike Pence said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton got special treatment when running a private email server when she led the State Department, and said his son and his opponent Tim Kaine's son would both be court-martialed from the Marine Corps if they did the same thing.

"If your son or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did, they'd be court-martialed," said Pence during the vice presidential debate in Farmville, Va. Both the GOP vice presidential nominee and Democratic vice presidential nominee's sons are currently serving overseas in the Marine Corps.

Kaine shot back that Pence was wrong and that a federal investigation cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing.
Kaine's response is more evidence of the Clinton double standard.  As a former Marine Corps officer who handled top secret material, I know for a fact that a court martial would await anyone who did what she did.  I find it disgusting that so many people would even support such a person to be commander in chief when she should be facing trial.


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