Obama's bad deal with Iran is providing them with ability to supply Assad's forces

Washington Examiner:
President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran might be making it easier for the rogue regime to fly weapons into Syria, a group of Republican senators warned.

Obama's team agreed to allow major airplane manufacturers to sell almost 200 airplanes to Iran Air, an airline that had been under sanction for transporting weapons on behalf of terrorists. The company may still be doing so, given that Iran Air planes are flying the supply routes used to send military supplies to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. But it's also possible that other Iranian airlines that remain sanctioned will use the planes to transport weapons.

"To date, we have seen no proof of a change in the conduct that prompted the initial sanctions on Iran Air," Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., and four other senators wrote in a letter to a senior Treasury Department official. "In fact, we have seen evidence to the contrary. Open source reports have shown that Iran Air continues to fly from known IRGC bases in Iran to Syria. While Mahan Air — which remains under U.S. sanctions — has been the primary airline for sending military supplies and personnel to Syria, Iran Air has flown dozens of similar routes."

The lawmakers want the Treasury Department's Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence to explain how they expect to prevent the newly-sold airplanes from being used for terrorist purposes. They also asked more technical questions, such as how the banks that facilitate the sales will be protected from liability, and whether private insurance companies that cover the aircraft will need separate licenses to protect them from terrorism-related lawsuits.
This is more evidence of what a terrible deal Obama and Kerry cut with the Iranians.  They gave away the store and gave the enemy the tools to make war against the US and its allies.   It is easily the worst deal in the history of the country.


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