Liberal blacks don't care about kids education


NAACP Tells Black Parents To Keep Their Kids In Crappy Schools As Leverage For Tax Hikes

If they cared about black kids' futures, the NAACP would be begging more charter schools to open as fast as possible, not demanding the opposite.
They are more interested in getting more money for the failed teachers of their kids than in the kids themselves.
Despite public resistance by black leaders across the political spectrum against this impending decision, the NAACP Saturday released yet another resolution condemning school choice and calling for a nationwide ban on new charter schools.

“The NAACP opposes privatization of public schools and public subsidizing or funding of for-profit or charter schools,” the organization said in a statement. “Privatization of public schools” is survey-tested union talk attempting to manipulate people into disliking the idea of a more diverse ecosystem of publicly funded education through mechanisms such as vouchers, education savings accounts, and charter schools. These allow all families to have the same opportunities to attend schools of choice, as rich families do.
Competition for these students would improve their education and their ability to improve their circumstances when they graduate.


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