It appears that Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI about concerns over hackers

When Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI this past summer about classified information contained in her private Blackberry emails, she told agents she could not recall concerns during her tenure at the State Department that foreign hackers were trying to access top government officials' private email accounts.

Her memory was apparently a lot better two years earlier when she was paid by Wall Street firms to give speeches, according to purported excerpts of those speeches made public by WikiLeaks.

In a June 2014 speech at the University of Connecticut, Clinton told the audience that she was aware that foreign actors "were going after the personal emails of people who worked in the State Department" and that she was also aware that it was "still against the rules" for State Department foreign service officers overseas to use Blackberrys for their email service.
As a part of their investigation did the FBI look at these speeches?  If they had, they would have known that she was not being accurate and truthful in her answers.


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