I do not beleive that most blacks cannot pass a background check

Washington Times:
Justice Department blames background checks for lack of police diversity
The DOJ appears to be pushing a racial stereotype that most blacks have a criminal history.   I do not believe that to be the case.  Even if there is an obvious high crime rate in some black communities, within that community there are plenty of law abiding citizens who are in many cases the victims of crime.

I personally know and deal with many blacks and I would be shocked if they were criminals.  I suspect the reason for the lack of diversity has something to do with the interest of those qualified.

For example, there has never been a black Americas Cup skipper and that is mainly because blacks just are not that interested in racing sailboats.  Back when I did a lot of sailboat racing, I can only recall one black skipper.  You would instead tend to see more of them on fishing boats.  It was clearly a matter of interest.

BTW, the skippers of America's Cup boats are rarely wealthy.  Many of them are sailmakers who make a very modest living, but wealthy sponsors of the boats try to find the most able crew and skippers regardless of their wealth or ethnicity.


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