Hungary expected to reject EU migrant quotas

Sunday Telegraph:
The message is visible on almost every street corner, looming out of giant advertising hoardings and plastered on the side of what seems like every second passing bus in Budapest: “Let’s not put Hungary’s future at risk!,” the slogan urges against the background of the Hungarian flag, “Vote ‘No’”.

The “no” being requested of Hungarian voters at a referendum being held on Sunday is to attempts by Brussels to force Hungary to accept a compulsory quota of migrants as part of a European-wide burden-sharing scheme introduced after last year’s migrant crisis.

Even though Hungary’s putative share would only be 1,294 people, Viktor Orban, the country’s self-styled strongman prime minister, is emphatic that his country will not be dragooned into accepting either the refugees or an EU policy which he recently condemned as “self-destructive and naïve”.

“These quotas are a just bad idea. They don’t work and we won’t accept them,” Zoltan Kovacs, the chief spokesman of the Hungarian government, told The Sunday Telegraph.

“All these quotas do is encourage more people to come to Europe and demonstrate the failings of the EU institutions."
The quotas are expected to be rejected by about 80 percent of voters in Hungary.   The rejection is actually more widespread and the liberal leaders who have been pushing the migrant quotas are beginning to be in retreat.  Hillary Clinton may be the only politician who still thinks it is a good idea.


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