How the Clinton pay to play scam worked

Dan Spencer:
MORE Pay To Play: Companies Used Major Clinton Fundraisers To Lobby Hillary’s State Department
At least a dozen companies forked over "as much as $16 million." At least four of the lobbyists they hired are “Hillblazers,” the Clinton campaign’s name for major Clinton campaign fundraisers who have raised $100,000 or more for her current presidential campaign. Two of the four also raised funds for Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

The USA Today figured out this part of the nefarious pay for play scheme by using federal lobbying data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics for 2009-2013, when Crooked Hillary was Secretary of State. Reporters then compared the data with donor lists made public by the Clinton Foundation and federal campaign financial records.
There is much more.

What they discovered is that some the pay for play spending went through Clinton fundraisers. The corruption was more sophisticated than first thought.


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