Email to Podesta shows US could have had a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq if Obama wanted it

An email from a general who was working with the Iraqis on a new agreement lays out the what was possible.
We believe we have negotiated an agreement that provides President-Elect Obama the authorities and protections he needs to exercise the full perogatives as Commander in Chief. We would like to offer, at your earliest convenience, a full briefing to you and your staff on the details of the SOFA. Ambassador Crocker and General Odierno would appreciate the opportunity to brief you personally, via SVTC, at a time that's amenable. Representatives from both Mr. Obama's and Mr. Biden's Senate offices are scheduled to receive a briefing on the text on Wednesday the 12th, and the text has and will continue to be available to those named staff in the Senate's secure facility.

The Iraqis are keenly interested in understanding President-Elect Obama's position on the SOFA. Indeed, a number of senior Iraqi officials - including a number of Prime Minister's most senior advisors -- are claiming that Mr. Obama will not support a SOFA signed by President Bush and interpreting the few messages publicly available as a pretext to reject the agreement on the table. After you have had time to review the SOFA text, we ask that the Obama transition team express support for the SOFA, lest the Iraqis use previous positions or the absence of comment to scuttle the deal.
Obama killed the deal because he did not want to stay in Iraq under any circumstances.  His decision led directly to the rise of ISIL and the genocide that has enveloped the region.  It was a mistake of huge consequences for which he has never really been held responsible.   He should go down in history as one of the worst President's in history when it comes to strategic thinking.


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