Democrats getting no down ballot push in Texas legislative races

Texas Tribune:
With Republican nominee for president Donald Trump continuing to struggle in the polls, Democrats in Texas are hoping for a better-than-usual election season.

But any Democratic dreams of a Trump effect on the ballot stop at the state Senate. Major gains in the Republican-dominated body are already out of the question. Even picking up a single seat remains a long-shot.

Eight Senate seats currently held by Republicans are up for election this fall. Democrats didn't even field a candidate in six of them. In the remaining two races, it would take a huge upset for the Democrat to win.

“In the case of the Senate, even in this very favorable Democratic context, none of these Republican-held seats are vulnerable,” said Mark Jones, a political scientist at Rice University.
Democrats cannot afford to mount a race in the large spread out districts, and if they did they would face overwhelming odds since Gov. Greg Abbott carried some of them by 20 points.  Democrats fantasizing about a "Trump effect" giving them a shot will be disappointed.


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