Countries going with walls to control unchecked migration

Washington Post:
How the world is heeding the call to ‘build that wall’

The world now has more borders with barriers than at any time in modern history, an increase driven by war, waves of migration and the threat of terrorism. In eight countries across three continents, a new Washington Post series examines this new age of walls through interwoven words, video and sound.
The Israeli wall system has largely stopped Palestinian human bomb attacks.  The Saudis are building a wall to stop attacks from Iraq, and will probably build one on their border with Yemen too.  Some European countries are also constructing border walls to stop the unchecked Muslim migration.

A wall that you do not hear that much about is the one Mexico is building on its southern border.  This would make migration from Central and South America much more difficult.   Those who support a US border wall should also support this wall in Mexico since much of the current migration to the US is from dysfunctional states in Central America.  This might also thwart the Democrats plan to import voters and people who would be dependent on their social programs.


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