Clinton does not need to say anything about Trump with media carrying water for her

NY Times:

Clinton’s Past Leaves Her Muted in Furor Over Trump

  • Amid a swirl of sexual assault accusations against Donald J. Trump, the virtual silence from Hillary Clinton speaks volumes.
  • Her old missteps and her husband’s history have effectively paralyzed her during a moment of widespread outrage.

For the reason why she does not have to say anything see the post below.  The media  has been running negative stories about Trump at a 23 to one ration of negative stories about Clinton.  There is gold in the Wikileaks documents that would be devastating to the Clinton candidacy if it was reported on by the mainstream media at even a 2 to one ratio, much less the 23 to one she is benefiting from now.

The media has begun to worry about Trump's attempt to delegitimize any Clinton win, but their distorted courage is giving he and his followers ammunition for just that result.


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