Clinton and Obama provided arms to ISIL and al Qaeda in Libya?

Daily Mail:

Arms dealer says Clinton and Obama accidentally gave guns to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Benghazi attackers - then tried to scapegoat him for their screw-up with failed $10m felony case
  • Marc Turi 'had plan to get arms to Libyan rebels in 2011 despite UN ban'
  • But he says Clinton stole the idea and she and CIA did it without him
  • However the guns 'then went to Al Qaeda, ISIS and Benghazi attackers' 
  • They tried to scapegoat him by saying he sold the arms illegally, he says
  • But he claims that he never sold anything in Libya
  • The five-year, $10m case was dropped last week by prosecutors
  • He says they didn't want to press on because it would compromise Clinton
  • The trial would have started on November 8 - which is Election Day
  • Turi also hinted at information on weapons that disappeared in Benghazi
This is just more evidence of the incompetence with which Clinton and Obama conducted the Libyan operation.  I suspect the Obama administration dropped the case against Turi to protect Hillary's election campaign.


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