A story that tells the truth about this election

NY Times:

How Turned Off Are Voters? Check Out Tommy’s Diner

The Columbus, Ohio, establishment draws voters across the political spectrum. This year they share a distaste for both major-party candidates.
It is hard to express how disgusted I am with both candidates.  But I am even more disgusted with the media.  The media has put its thumb on the scales for Hillary Clinton in a completely unethical manner from the beginning.  They helped get Trump nominated with billions if free media while waiting until he was nominated to unleash their election smear machine against the GOP nominee.

While they might have done something similar to Rubio or Cruz, it would have been much harder for them and it would have been harder for Clinton to avoid talking about the issues.  That is the last thing she wants to do since she is on the wrong side of voters on things like healthcare and immigration.

Now with just weeks to go before the election, there is little focus on the issues or on Clinton's corruption as exposed by Wikileaks and by the FBI investigation of her mishandling of classified material.  She is probably one of the most inept managers to ever be nominated and yet most of the media oxygen is being used to tell ancient claims of fondling by Trump.  Some of these claims look very dubious.


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