You can tell when a Democrat has screwed up because its is called a 'technicality'

Washington Examiner:
Nancy Pelosi dismissed Hillary Clinton's growing email scandal as a series of "technicalities" Monday, brushing aside FBI and congressional investigations.

The House minority leader said voters shouldn't get "bogged down in some technicalities" and added, "it's really much ado about nothing, but too much ado."

Pelosi, on CBS' "This Morning," had been asked about an FBI report released last week, in which Clinton repeatedly said she couldn't recall key details and events related to classified information procedures.
I guess coming across as scatterbrained and dishonest is also just a "technicality."  Then there are all the people that the Obama administration has convicted of lesser "technicalities" in the handling of classified material that Pelosi would also support if they were the Democrat nominee?

It is time for Pelosi to retire if she is willing to overlook felonies because the perp is a Democrat nominee.


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