Voter ID is popular despite Democrat claims

NY Times:

Some Republicans Acknowledge Leveraging Voter ID Laws for Political Gain

A trove of documents reveal Republican politicians drawing on fears of election fraud to prevent voters — usually Democratic — from casting ballots.
The story is misleading in that it suggest it is to keep Democrats from voting.  Its purpose is to keep them from committing voter fraud.  Support for the laws is bi-partisan with nearly 80 percent of all voters  backing voter ID requirements.

Democrats have a history of encouraging phantom registrations which can be used to build up their vote if there is no voter ID requirement.  Usually, these phantom registrations involve the use of vacant lots as addresses, or sometimes store fronts.  There have also been cases of Democrat poll workers who voted for a registered voter who did not show up during the election.

The Democrat argument against the voter ID is based on the racist belief that blacks are not capable of acquiring IDs.  This is an argument without merit.  Almost every black adult I know already has a driver's license.  If they do not, it is easy enough to get an ID.

The argument against a voter ID requirement is just a bad faith one to allow Democrats to cheat.  Often the victims of the cheating are other Democrats who supported other candidates.


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