There are unlikely to be any winners in the Presidential Election

Washington Post:
In every state, pessimism about Trump, Clinton and election’s impact

The presidential campaign has intensified long-standing political divisions, but there is one area of broad agreement among voters in both red states and blue states — a pervasive pessimism that no matter the outcome, the election will do little to unify the country, according to a Washington Post-SurveyMonkey survey of all 50 states.
Neither candidate has shown an ability to bring the country together.  Republicans are deeply pessimistic about the future of the country if Clinton wins and will be doing whatever they can to block her agenda.  While Trump is the most liberal Republican candidate in decades, he frightens Democrats with almost every word from his mouth.

I think they both suck and the Libertarian candidates are even more liberal Republicans than Trump.  They appear to be playing for the Bernie Sanders voters who had the delusion that socialism might actually work.

Trump's outreach to blacks has probably helped him more with the GOP base and his trip to Mexico shows he can meet with foreign dignitaries without tripping over his tongue.  Both events frightened the Democrats who are toast without strong minority support.


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