The political lie double standard in the media

NY Times:

Trump Gives Up ‘Birther’ Lie but Refuses to Repent

It took Donald J. Trump five years, but on Friday he surrendered to reality after a remarkable campaign of relentless deception to undermine President Obama
As someone who never believed Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii, I was never invested in this story and did not think it was nearly as harmful as Obama's lie about, "If you want to keep your health plan, you can keep it.  If you want to keep your doctor, you can."  That was a lie to sell failed healthcare entitlement that has been an absolute disaster for millions.

Nor was this political lie as noxious as the many lies Hillary Clinton told about her use of an unprotected server in her mishandling of classified materials.  That was a lie that put lives at risk for her "convenience."

Then there was the media's on loss of composure in response to Trump finally giving up the bogus story and currently claiming that the origin of the birther myth started with the Clinton campaign in its run against Obama.  The media first labeled that factually correct statement a lie and then disappeared that portion of the story for the current one on Trump's "refusal to repent."

Did they ever run such a headline on Obama's big lie or Hillary Clinton's?  I don't recall, but I do know some in liberal circles thought Obama's use of a lie to sell his defective program was funny.

BTW,  Obama did allow his publicist for his book to post a story about his "Kenyan birth" for years.  In other words he was willing to pose as a birther if it helped him sell books.


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