The answer is simple--Hillary Clinton is a bad candidate

Washington Post:
Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead?

With Donald Trump’s historic weaknesses as a national party candidate, some Democrats are shocked and concerned by how close the race is, and even Hillary Clinton’s advisers acknowledge that she must make changes, and quickly.
She has lost her aura of being intelligent.  Her answers to her email scandal make her look not too smart, besides looking dishonest and disengenuous.  Trump is also a bad candidate, but if he doesn't trip over his on tongue too much he may be good enough to defeat her.  So far, he is finding ways to keep her in the race by attacking other Republicans and embracing Putin, but Clinton has not been able to capitalize because of her own self inflicted wounds.

Are the other Democrats blind to her problems?  It could be.  Even the Washington Post has tried to downplay her obvious mishandling of classified material where she clearly broke the law.  Pushing a double standard for her while prosecuting any of the troops who were engaged in lesser offenses is too obvious to ignore.


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