Some in the media continue to deny the obvious about Hillary Clinton's illness

Caleb Howe:
VIDEO: Hillary’s Politburo (MSNBC) Puts On Incredible Display Of Nothing-To-See-Ism
When a news organisation thinks its job is to try to protect the image of its chosen candidate instead of report the facts it makes mistakes like this.

And we didn't even clip all the examples of them discussing the relative length of her sleeves or incredibly long duration (90 minutes) of the ceremony where all the other standing people in long sleeves unsensibly failed to collapse. This was just a few.

Haven't they been bragging about Hillary's incredible stamina during this campaign? I can't recall. Oh wait, yes I can ...
They would not have had to go so far as to say that trump and his supporters were right, but they could have reported the facts and let the chips fall where they may.


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