Shia militia massacre Sunni survivors after liberation from ISIL hold

Washington Times:
Progress in Islamic State fight tainted by Iranian-backed militias’ atrocities

Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed Shiite militias, under the cover of U.S. air support, flushed the terror group also known as ISIS and ISIL out of Fallujah in June in an offensive widely praised by military commanders at the Pentagon and inside Baghdad’s “Green Zone.”

Then the dead bodies started to appear.

Reports emerged that as many as 300 Sunni Muslim civilians had survived Islamic State’s nightmarish two-year grip on their city only to be summarily executed and dumped in shallow graves by Shiite militiamen who had taken over in the terror group’s wake.
Since Obama's retreat from Iraq sectarian warfare has returned and now there are no American troops in a position to stop the mass murders.  It is just more evidence of the screw up of leaving Iraq too soon.


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