Questions raised about Hillary Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis

If you haven't been in a coma for the past 24 hours you know that Hillary Clinton passed out, and in the words of anonymous law enforcement officials, was tossed into her vans "like she was a side of beef" (definitely one of the better Clinton metaphors I've heard). What followed was a comedy of lies and misdirection on the part of the campaign that started out with them claiming that she was "overheated" despite the temperature being not quite 80 degrees at the time she bounced off a NYC sidewalk. By late yesterday the excuse had morphed into pneumonia that is making the rounds of the Clinton campaign. I am not making that up. They are actually claiming that viral pneumonia is raging through the staff. Which is strange since her physician says he gave her antibiotics... which don't work or viruses... raising the specter that her doctor is a quack or that they are lying. And, under CDC guidelines, Hillary should have been vaccinated against the most common bacterial strain of pneumonia which is an additional reason to look askance at the pneumonia story.

See what problems crop up when you adopt lying as a lifestyle choice.

The one fact that virtually screams that they are lying about pneumonia is the action taken by the Secret Service after Hillary's carcass was tossed, sans shoe, into the van....
Some are suggesting that she broke protocol  because she wanted to avoid a hospital visit that could have challenged the diagnosis of pneumonia.  Then, again, it could be that she was just exercising her "Clinton privilege' of not following the rules.


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